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Roya Motamedi is a loving mother, successful hairstylist, and dedicated businesswoman. As a trend follower, Roya always keeps up with the latest fashion and styles. Her jewelry reflects modern and unique designs as well as statement pieces that are essential to her wardrobe, especially natural stones and pearls. Roya maintains a focus on her customers and the upmost service needed to create a community of honesty, love, and fashion. She is excited to start a new chapter in her life with her company and you! 

Inspiring Story

To give a little insight about myself, I want to begin with how my cancer changed my world view. I have a stronger grasp on my spirituality, positivity, and gratitude for what remains to be the rest of my life. I learned that every day is a missed opportunity if I do not live happily or seize the moment while I am alive. My cancer experience is a story I can and do speak openly about. I strive to share my story with everyone in hopes to bring light to another who may similarly be struggling with their self-image and confidence as I was. 

The story begins from the day my doctor diagnosed me with thyroid cancer in June of 2014. Not only was I shocked and worried about my health, but I was also concerned about the scar I would have on my neck after the fateful surgery. With the procedure thankfully completed, I was given a cream meant to be applied to my neck every day until the scar disappeared. I applied the cream and only after a few days it had started to fade from my skin. For some reason, the idea of no longer having a scar did not make me happy. I began to think of my scar as a mark that defined my strength and victorious battle with cancer. Every morning that I woke up and saw my scar in the mirror, I was mentally reminded of how lucky and thankful I was to be standing there. One night with a group of friends at a party, I spoke about my experience with cancer and the wholesome shift in body image regarding the scar on my neck. After 8 months since the party, I ran into a woman I met there who had been coincidentally looking for me. She informed me of the momentous impact I had on her life. Before she heard my story at the party, she emotionally suffered from her scar and was always finding a way to cover it with either make up, the collar of her blouse, or a scarf. But, after hearing my story, her view transformed and the scar no longer bothered her. She accepted it as a part of who she was and a reminder of the obstacles she overcame. Her story encouraged me to continue sharing my story, which is why I decided to do so on this page. If I had the power to change one person’s view at a small party, I know I can reach across distances to hopefully influence many others.